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The Road So Far...

2012-09-14 02:28:47 by vegastrife007

So this is Newgrounds after a year of deployment? Wow a lot has changed. May as well get used to the new look. Heheh
So I'm headed back home soon... From Afghanistan. I'm so excited to be able to get onto Newgrounds more and more and I just can't wait to get home. For those of you who have had us soldiers in your thoughts and prayers, I thank you.
Not much here, just thought to drop a line after a year of silence... Drive on, Newgrounds... Drive on!

As of a week ago, I have successfully PCS (Perminant Change of Station) into Fort Bragg, NC. Thinga are alright... for the most part... though this does not hamper my ability to critic works here on Newgrounds. Though is seems that my job (self proclaimed, of course, but someone has to do it) is a silly one, I am doing what I can as far as ANYTHING on this site.

Sadly that's all I have to say for now. Until next time, my friends.

A long belated hello...

2010-01-12 18:38:51 by vegastrife007

Greatings to my page. I understand that I have not put one of these up in... well the entire time I've been a member so here's something you should know...

I DO NOT MAKE FLASH, ART OR MUSIC! I am strictly a critic and I am working on getting a "voice" for being a voice actor. That is all! End of discussion!

And when I say critic, I don't mean trolling, I mean an honest word with you about your work so when you see a low score from me do not automaticly think I am an ass, because I give you a reason for the score. Biased or Fact is up to you, but I call each flash/game/pic/tune as I see it.

I hope this introduces me a little and I look forward to viewing your work. Good luck and stay safe.

Vega Strife

A long belated hello...

It's time...

2010-01-10 11:18:41 by vegastrife007

For me to talk a little more about myself.

As you may have guessed, I am no good with anything on here... I do not have a skill to create, edit, or produce flash cartoons (to much of my dismay), I am no artist and I daresay I have anything I can create musicly.

But one thing is for certain, I can critic and I am VERY good at that. So if you see me come through, don't automaticly think that the Angel of Death is coming to blam you out of the water. I'm not that powerful. But I can and will point you in the right direction as far as constructive critisim.

Don't mind me... I'm just as human as the rest of you crazy people, my friends.

Vega Stife